No Work Team News 2004

December 2004

Bozo Beach Kite Club
Our new kite club opened end of December at Bozo Beach. More info and prices you can get at the shop, directly at the Sundreams Beach or later here on our website.

November 2004
OP Latin Pro contest 2004 was held at Cabarete´s famous surf spot Encuentro fromNov 5 til 7, 2004. A few countrys have been represented, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venzuela and Costa Rica. The swell was not there, 2-3 feet and last day 1-2 feet. Friday was more training for the competitors, Saturday started the series in every category, open men, junior, girls, body board, body board girls and exept long board. The finals and longboarding are held on sunday.

The title in longboard and juniors did stay in Cabarete, the rest got away somewhere else. Too bad that the waves were not there, but the ambience was supercool. Lets see next year (with higher waves and better organisation).
- Alan -

Naranyama Monfleur, Local rider              
Manuel Selman, Cabarete local and OP team rider   
Rene Gauth, Cabarete local



1) Javier Swayne, Peru
2) Pedro Rangel, Venezuela.
3) Otto Flores, Puerto Rico
4) Manuel Selman, Chile

1) Manuel Selman, Chile
2) Victor Rosario, Dominicana
3) Brandon Sanford, Dominicana
4) Leon Gough, Dominicana

1) Natasha Rodriguez, Venezuela
2) Narayama Monfleur, Venezuela
3) Adriana Cano, Venezuela
4) Lucero Pacheco, Venezuela

1) Renee Gouth, Dominicana
2) Daniel Alvarez, Dominicana
3) Marcos Saint Hilaire, Dominiciana
4) William Aponte, Puerto Rico

Latin Pro Contest 2004

Pablito Guzman from Cabarete, the best windsurfing racer in the Domincan Republic since many years, is sponsored by Red Bull and No Work Team.

Pablito Guzman

August 2004
World's 1st Kite Loop Competition
Cabarete Kite Beach was place of the world's first kiteloop competition at Extreme Hotel at August 25, 2004.


Most Technical Kiteloop: Jose-Luis Ciriaco
Highest Kiteloop: Papo Mendez
Worst Wipeout: Elvis (Pana) Cruz

July 2004
No Work Team is offering new brands: windsurfing & kite harnesses for men and women, accessories for windsurfing and kitesurfing, the nicest lycras, baggies, capris, t-shirts for men and women, bags and back packs the best and famous watches for radical sports.

June 2004
New No Work Team Rider: 16 year old Jan Marcos Riveras is the new team rider for No Work Team. He is the dominican champion in the junior category from kiteboarding 2003.

Jan Marcos Riveras

Best Kiteboarding Cabarete World Cup 2004
Cabarete offered again one week perfect conditions with strong winds every day for fantastic competitions in freestyle and best trick. 101 riders from 32 countries were celebrating one of the biggest and nicest world cups ever. The men's winner in both categories was Jaime Herraiz from Spain and in the womens' competition Cindy Mosey from New Zealand was the winner in both categories. Best dominican competitors were Jose Luis Ciriaco with 3rd place in mens' freestyle and Susi May with second place in womens' best trick competition.

Cabarete local hero of the year 2003
The Cabarete girl Susi May, 18 years old, won the Red Bull King of the Air kite contest in Hawaii (Hookipa). Susi was born in Germany, but is living since over 10 years in Cabarete. She does kiteboarding since one and a half year and was already 2nd place at the Cabarete Kite World Cup this year in June and we saw, that she has the best style of all girls on the tour. While Hookipa was showing his face with 30-35 knots gusty wind, she was showing the best performance of all girls. Gratulations from us and we are very proud, because until she got new big sponsors, she was sponsored by No Work TEAM Cabarete and riding our No Work Team custom made boards made by her Dad.

Congratulations also to Cabarete Kid Luciano Gonzales, who won 3rd place in the same contest.

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