Kitesurfing with Big Air Kite School             

Cabarete is one of the best kiteboarding destinations in the world for learning and professional kiteboarding. Beginners like the security of the spots at Bozo Beach and Kite Beach with long and big beach areas and the constant blowing trade winds at almost 300 days per year. The advanced kitesurfers are appreciating the strong and constant winds, too and find perfect conditions for freestyling or wave riding in the fantastic Cabarete reef break. Best months for kite surfing are from May to September with 70 - 90 % strong wind between 15 and 30 knots and from January to April with less wind (50 - 70%), but bigger waves. But also the rest of the year is offering acceptable conditions for learning and kiteboarding for fun with 50 % good wind. For the whole overview check the wind & wave statistics at our web page.

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Since December 2004 we have our own kitesurfing school and in summer 2007 we moved the Kiteboarding school again to our first spot right beside the Hotel Viva Wyndham Tangerine . Here is one of the best spots for kiteboarding and teaching at Cabarete with huge and quiet beach area and constant side onshore winds from the right, where we can offer the best service for our clients with kites and boards from Ocean Rodeo and Core Kiteboarding. Beside this we have informations at inscription offices at:

                                  Kahuna Sports Bar and Restaurant                

                           and Fun Tours (german managed Tour operator, right across the  street from Supermarket Albertico)


Lesson and rental:

Our kiteboarding school BIG AIR is operating since 12 years and offering Kite lessons with licensed instructors from VDWS (German Kite and Windsurf Association) and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation). We have instructors for teaching in several languages like english, german, spanish, italian, russian and french. We always have the latest and new equipment to ensure a comfortable and secure service. This includes also helmets, live jackets and harnesses. For advanced kiteboaders we offer also private kiteboarding lessons to improve their skills and to learn new tricks. For the rental we offer the whole range of the newest bow kites from Ocean Rodeo and Core Kiteboarding and boards from Best, Starkites and No Work Team. And those who bring their own Kiteboarding equipment can store it at the school in one of our lockers directly at the school.

We also offer our custom kiteboards in all sizes and for all levels for sale, test and rental!
We sell used and new kites, boards and accessories!

And brand new now we do lesson and rental for Foil Kite Boarding. Come to check this out!

Our entire kite surfing pool is available for lessons, training and rental. And we have Custom Boards from Maykol for testing.
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Downwind trips:

A: Bozo Beach to Encuentro (Wave spot) 5 KM

B: La Boca to Bozo Beach (Flat water to waves) 6 KM

C: Las Canas or Playa Enrique to Cabarete (Flat water and waves) 25 or 35 KM

D: La Palapa (secret spot) to La Boca or to Cabarete (waves and Flat water) 3 or 12 KM

for more infos ask at Big Air Kite School