Surfing with No Work Team

Encuentro Surf Beach
Encuentro is one of the best surf spots of the Caribbean, located at the north coast of Dominican Republic between Sosua and the capital of surfing, Cabarete. Encuentro offers various breaks for all levels of surfing. We have a left and a right break for experienced surfers, we have Bobo's point for beginners and intermediate surfers and we have Coco Pipe, Destroyer and el Canal for professional and radical surfers. Encuentro is working around 320 days per year, offering in summer easy surfing swells from east (between 3-6 ft) and huge swells from north in winter (between 6-12 ft). This means you can surf all year round in fantastic conditions and warm waters, where you will just need board shorts and a rash guard.

Beside Encuentro, the north coast is offering more spots with special conditions like Sosua Bay for big north swells or Playa Grande and Playa Preciosa with nice beach breaks.Surf Lessons with No Work Team

Dominican north coast is getting more and more famous among american and european surfers as well as from surfers from other parts of the world. Sometimes at weekends when the local surfers from Santo Domingo are showing up too, it can get quiet crowded, but the good thing is, that the locals are very friendly and if everybody brings the right respect to each other there is no problem with localism, as we know this is an issue in other famous surf spots around the world.

Surfing at Encuentro

The most famous spot in the island with our qualified instructors.

Check our new school directly at Encuentro!

Now you can rent your perfect surfboard directly at the spot and you can switch board during the day!

Start: every day 8.30 am at Cabarete with our Surf Shuttle

You learn:

Cabarete is the surfing capital of the Dominican Republic and meeting point for surfers from all over the world. Together with the windsurfers and kiteboarders they are creating the special flair of Cabarete. Beside shopping and water sports Cabarete is also famous for the night life with many restaurants, bars and discoteks directly at the beach, which attracts all tourists and many locals from the whole island. In the No Work Team Surf shop you can rent your surf board or body board, sign up for lessons or aquire the latest surf ware or hard ware you need before hitting out to Playa Encuentro. The shop organizes your whole trip to Encuentro in the morning with transportation, rental or lesson. The trip starts every morning at 6.30 and 8.30 am from the shop or if you want from your hotel. The boards are already waiting at Encuentro in our surf school directly at the spot. We have a huge surf pool, with surf boards for all surfing levels waiting for you. Starting with plastic boards for beginners and going to glass construction in polyester or Epoxy. We have over 50 boards and you can choose between long boards, fun boards, short boards and fish design to get the right board for every kind of surf.

Horseback Riding in Cabarete     Pro Surfer

Surf shuttle

Come with us to catch the waves with your friends and under the eyes of one of the most experienced local surfers!

Rental at Encuentro

Requirements for lesson and rental: No Work Team Surf Pool

Watersport Week

The Watersport Week is a 5 days Event with different activities every day: This is just one possiblity how the Watersport Week may look like. If you are a group we can change this to your preferences. For example we could add some more kite surfing lessons in the afternoon or some more surfing sessions in the morning. We can also switch to SUP or Kayak Tour.