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NWT Dominican Republic        Mercury Sunglasses


Cronies Beachwear
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All t-shirts are coming in sizes: S, M, L, XL, material 100 % cotton, made in Banana Republic.

Price: 20 US$  -  Buy 3 get one for free!

The art of doing nothing
Colours: white, black, navy, red, vine, brown

No Work Team     The art of doing nothing

Sol & Surf
Colours: white, black, red, brown, yellow

Sol & Surf t-shirt     Sol & Surf print

Bozo Beach

Colours: white, red, light blue, yellow

Kitesurfing Bozo Beach

Original NWT
Colours: white, black, navy, vine red

Original NWT t-shirt     NWT Original Logo

Surf boards

Colours: white, black, navy, orange

Surf Boards T-Shirt     Surf Boards Logo

Colours: colors: white, black, navy, red

T-shirt "Fish"     Logo "Fish"

Big Air Kite School

Colours: black, red, light blue, yellow

Big Air Kitesurf School t-shirt     Big Air Kitesurf School Logo
Flip Flops for women
Sizes: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12

Price: 14 US$

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The No Work Team History

No Work Team Surf School
In 1984 three passionate surfers and windsurfers from Italy (Andrea Ippolito, Mauro Goggi, and Toto Volpe) were vacationing in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), enjoying their daily routine of windsurfing and surfing the whole day.

Day after day and week after week were passing by, until they forgot about the stress at home and the loads of work that was waiting for them there. And one night it happened; they were sitting on the ocean view terrace, looking at the sea and the stars and talking about the furious windsurfing day they had, and decided to change their lives by leaving the work and stress of their hometown and to remain forever addicted to windsurfing.

Every windsurfer has the dream to windsurf all day long with strong wind and warm water, but they carried it out and with the motto "working is for people who don't surf" they established the "NO WORK TEAM." But also in paradise you have to eat, so they created t-shirts with original logos. Because they were very creative people too, and not just windsurfing fanatics, after a while they got the idea to open the first
NWT Surf Shop in the world. Today there are 10 original NWT Shops located around the world in places where there is good surfing or windsurfing like Tarifa, Gargano, Cabarete or El Jaque.

To ensure quality, the original
NWT Collection is produced only in Italy and Spain. This is the same for the NWT Shop in Cabarete too, which was established in 1992 (500 years after Columbus arrived here) by Andrea Ippolito, the Italian and one of the founding members of the shop in Fuerteventura. He is also responsible for the production in Italy and the shops in Vieste (Italy) and Isla Margarita (Venezuela). In 1991 Joerg Berres from Germany, windsurfer and instructor, came across NWT in Italy and took responsibility for the NWT Shop in Cabarete in spring 1997. Joerg brought the NWT to Internet in 1999 and wrote the Story of NWT.

The original NWT Shops: